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We welcome you to our site. Our course in the yachting field begun in the middle of the 80's, with the purchase of several yachts for charter use in Greece. Upon our entrance in the charter yachting business, we discovered many secrets. Among them, perhaps the greatest was to forge our own unique opinion on whatever has to do with the condition of a yacht.In 1989, we created a yacht charter office, which we preserved for about 8 years. In this course of time, we were given the chance to meet most of the yacht-owners in Greece, as well as engineers, sail constructors, and other specialists of the trade.Thus, we finally managed to acquire the most valuable knowledge of preserving a yacht in the best way, as well as accurately estimating its condition.Through all these years, we met Customers from various parts of the world, with a common interest, yachts and the sea, and we shared their dreams of owning their own yacht. From 1997 and beyond, we are exclusively running as a yacht brokers company, having created a list of yachts that have been inspected carefully and with respect to the same basic rule:respect to those who buy but also to those who sell.We may be a bit closer to the Seller, but in conclusion our greatest care is magnanimously given to the Buyer, since we know that the sentimental burden of buying a boat is fairly strong, especially when the bought is taking place in an almost unknown for him place.The yachts that our lists include are not as perfect as new. But from us you will learn their true condition (the one that we can inspect of course) and it's up to you to decide whether it's worth it or not to visit us.Our sole purpose is not just to gain a client, but to make our Clients the living advertising of our work. This is our real success and perhaps the greatest investment to the future.Most of the yachts that are available for sale, are in Greece but a few that are available in nearby countries like Turkey, Croatia, Italy and elsewhere.You can reach us daily at the phone number above.

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