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Yacht Brokers

Yacht Brokers

Yachting and boating has been quite popular for many years now and it seems that the popularity of this type of recreation will only increase over the years. Millions of people around the world own, sell, buy and exchange yachts and boats. Fishing boats, cruisers, sailing yachts, racing powerboats and even the luxurious superyachts, all of these vessels satisfy the need of their owners to be closer to the sea. All of these boats can also be sold, bought and chartered. This is where the industry needs the yacht brokers.

This profession connects all the different branches of the yachting and boating industry. Whether its a billionaire who wants to build himself a superyacht, an ordinary man looking to buy a boat to go fishing with his family and friends, or an old sailor selling his yacht to someone who wants to feel? the freedom of sailing under the wind, yacht brokers make it all happen.

Yacht Brokers

The profession of a yacht broker is in many ways similar to a real estate agent, he sells property. The difference is that this property is quite unique. There are a lot of nuances in the boating industry, starting with different states having different marine regulations, all the way up to knowing which type of boats have weak hulls and need extra maintenance during winter time. Yacht brokerage is at once a touch profession and a very rewarding one. A yacht broker who succeeds at his job can make a good paycheck, and the best thing is that the income of a yacht broker is potentially unlimited.

The main job of a yacht broker is to help his customers buy or sell their boats and yachts. This requires good communication skills and some practical experience, as well as good connection and market awareness. The YBAA Association of Yacht Sales Professionals is the major association of yacht brokers in the United States. Brokers who wish to become members of the association are evaluated through the Certified Professional Yacht Broker program. Their professional and ethical skills are tested and by the end of the program they can become a member of any yacht broker association in America, for example, Florida Yacht Brokers Association (FYBA), Northwest Yacht Brokers Association (NYBA), California Yacht Brokers Association (CYBA), and many others.

A certified yacht broker is able to take on the sale or purchase of any boat or a yacht and manage it from the beginning all the way to the signing of the sales contract. This includes services like listing a boat for sale or finding a boat for a potential buyer, checking the boats condition, arranging a marine survey of the vessel, negotiating a price, preparing all the necessary paperwork, etc. Ideally, the customer has minimum involvement in the process and only acquires the desired result.

Yacht brokers also often deal in the matter of yacht and boat charters. People who enjoy boating, cruising and fishing, but have no intention of buying a boat, hire yacht brokers to find them a suitable yacht to rent for their vacation. The connections of a good yacht broker can easily handle this task and even may lead to a potential buyer in the future.