Readying Your Boat for Selling

Readying Your Boat for Selling

Most people get the down payment on their new boat by selling their old one, so when you are looking to sell your boat, you want to make sure you get absolute top dollar. There are two main factors that you will need to address when selling a boat. The first is how the boat looks and the second is how you advertise it.

First, take care good of the exterior of the boat. You have to make your boats gel coat shine and clean up all your rails with a good metal polish. You also have to treat all your seats and cushions with a dedicated vinyl cleaner and protectant. This is important not only for the looks, but also because when people come to see the boat they will want to feel how nice and smooth it is. Make sure to clean all your glass surfaces with a glass cleaner to make them perfectly spotless.

This is the time to pay great attention to all the areas on your boat. Clean out the interior, remove anything that does not belong on a boat. This will not only make it look more appealing to the buyer, but will also free up some space, which is always considered a plus. Remember, a dirty boat looks like a poorly maintained boat.

Make sure you have all your maintenance records in order and ready to go before someone comes to look at the boat, because that is your proof that you have been taking care of your boat.

Selling a small boat can be accom plished through the internet or an ad in a local newspaper, while selling a bigger boat may require services of a yacht broker or listing agents. If you decide to list your boat on the internet, make sure you have a good running shots of your boat. The pictures of a boat running are far more appealing as opposed to a boat on a trailer or in a dock. Also include some detail shots and some shots that show the boat is use.

Be completely honest about the condition of the boat, do not try to conceal any important information, because it will most likely come up anyway when a buyer orders a marine survey of your vessel. Being honest and providing all the information will ensure that the sale will go smoothly and without any delays.

Following these simple tips can make selling your boat as easy and painless as possible.