A B C of Sailing Terms

A B C of Sailing Terms

Learning how to operate a sailboat or a yacht is not a very easy task and simply takes time and practice. But it all starts with the basics and the basics of sailing are the key nautical terms that you need to learn in order to be able to navigate your boat at sea. The first thing that comes to mind of a rookie sailor is how weird the terms may sound at first.

There are specific terms (common to all boats) that are used to describe its various parts. Each end, side, length and width of the boat - and even its accessories, has its own specific name. Boaters should be familiar with the following terms before operating any boat:

In addition to the previous terms, the following terminology is used to describe the different parts of the boat:

Some of the additional terms that boaters should be familiar with before operation a boat:

There are many more terms that a boater has to know and even more so if you are planning to operate a? sailboat. However, with enough determination you can remember them all, especially if you will be constantly sailing on your yacht.

Author: Daily Boats