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    Pilothouse boats for sale in United Kingdom on DailyBoats.com are listed for a range of prices, valued from $1,326 on the more basic models to $3,012,996 for the most expensive . The boats can differ in size from 1.81 m to 38 m. The oldest one built in 1924 year. This page features Porsius, XO Boats, Northman, Nord Star, Nauticat, Unknown and Van der Valk boats located in countries: United Kingdom. To buy pilothouse boats near you, use the search filter.

    Pilothouse boats

    Pilot boats are essential vessels for maritime navigation and play a vital role in safe operations at ports and harbors around the world. Although their design and operation may seem relatively simple, pilot boats must be purpose-built to withstand demanding conditions at sea and provide a high level of service. While challenges such as weather, traffic, and safety are always present, the dedicated crews of pilot boats work tirelessly to ensure the safe passage of ships in and out of port.