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Trintella 42

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Trintella Trintella V

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  • Manufacturer: Trintella
  • Located in: Montenegro
  • Length overall: 14.9 m
  • Year of manufacture: 1976
  • Price: 99900 EUR
Trintella Ketch 3a

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Trintella 44

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Trintella Trintella 3A

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Trintella 45

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Trintella 52 C

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Trintella TRINTELLA 40A

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Anne Wever TRINTELLA 35

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Trintella TRINTELLA 51A

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Trintella Trintella 44

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  • Type: Ketch
  • Manufacturer: Trintella
  • Located in: Turkey
  • Length overall: 13.4 m
  • Year of manufacture: 1978
  • Price: 95000 EUR
Trintella Trintella II A

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Trintella 38

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Trintella Yachts for sale

Buy Used and New Trintella 42, Trintella Trintella V, Trintella Ketch 3a, Trintella 44, Trintella Trintella 3A, TrintellaIV, Trintella 45, Trintella TRINTELLA IV, Trintella 52 C, Trintella TRINTELLA 40A, Anne Wever TRINTELLA 35, Trintella TRINTELLA 51A, Trintella Trintella 44, Trintella Trintella II A, Trintella 38 Sailing yachts for sale located in Netherlands, Montenegro, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Croatia, Greece, Portugal, Malta, Turkey. There are Trintella yachts