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Klipper Woonklipper

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Klipper Motor

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  • Manufacturer: Klipper
  • Located in: Netherlands
  • Length overall: 24.95 m
  • Year of manufacture: 1897
  • Price: 237000 EUR
Klipper Motor Klassiek

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  • Manufacturer: Klipper
  • Located in:
  • Length overall: 24 m
  • Year of manufacture: 1900
  • Price: 135000 EUR
Klipper 28.60

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Klipper Aak KLIPPER

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Power yachts Klipper for sale

Buy Used Klipper Woonklipper, Klipper Motor, Klipper Motor Klassiek, Klipper 28.60, Klipper Aak KLIPPER Power yachts for sale located in Netherlands, Austria. There are Klipper yachts